Taxing Marijuana

Marijuana Legalization Is Profitable

Watching State’s like Colorado legalize marijuana we know now without a doubt that it is possible to do so.  The marijuana industry in the state of Colorado alone has become a billion-dollar industry.  It is going to bring in a lot of tax revenue that can be used to build infrastructures that are severely needed in the state of Colorado.  Over the next 30 years, we expect many other states to go the same route that Colorado has.  We know that the criminalization model has never worked, and has not benefited society and that the legalization model based on creating tax revenue has worked and will continue to work.

The Tax Vs Criminalize Model Works

One model of dealing with marijuana usage creates revenue and it helps society, but the other model simply cost society money, lives, and more drama.  The tax method/the legalization method works the best because it provides a large amount of income for the government to use for a variety of programs.  It doesn’t cost society the amount of money that it costs to convict and House people on marijuana based crimes.  It creates more money than the probation model does via marijuana criminalization.  It is obvious which method is the best for society as a whole.

Taxing Marijuana Will Help Society

The money allocated and collected via taxing marijuana is going to help Society in many different ways. It is going to help create programs that the city and states do not have the funds to create. The taxes can be allocated for education and infrastructure.  Unlike the criminalization method that only cost Society, the taxation model has the revenue to actually improve Society.  We have a situation where we have to decide if we want a model that’s going to improve Society or an old model that that destroys it.

Prohibition Never Has Worked

The truth of the matter is that prohibition has never worked anywhere in the universe. We have failed at alcohol prohibition, we have failed with the War on Drugs.  Yet still we continue to fight these losing wars that do not help people but that only destroys lives.  The punitive model that people are so attracted to is not healthy, it doesn’t help and it only makes things worse.  The income model, the vice economy model has already proven itself to work better than the War on Drugs, it is proven that it can create a lot of tax revenue and a lot of Entrepreneurship.


Our society needs to Pivot to the model that has shown the greatest success in society, the model that can build a better society, the model that can fund a lot of needed change be it through education and infrastructure. We have to let go of the old unproductive models that do not help society and that only perpetuates the problem as prohibition has always done. A new day calls for new models that will create a better society.

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